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  At REPRIM S.A. we have been manufacturing ferrules, end-pieces, stoppers, end caps, levelers, accessories for furniture and all kinds of protective devices in different types of plastic for over 50 years.
Our products prevent furniture items from scratching flooring, from sliding, and from making noise when being moved, and enable them to be moved more easily. They prevent square edges of tubes from causing injury and from rusting as a result of direct contact with water. They stop liquids leaking from containers. They can cover holes and have a myriad of other uses.
We are specialists in the metal furniture sector, but we also work for other sectors, including wooden furniture, hardware stores and suppliers, blacksmiths and locksmiths, transport (cars, motorcycles, bicycles), and for the food, construction, cattle farming and agriculture, telecommunications, health and education sectors.
Contact us if you have any queries or if you can’t find what you’re looking for.
Reprim began operating in the plastic injection sector for the furniture and metallic tubes industries.
We began printing the size inside each part for easier identification.
We eroded the visible surface of the parts in order to achieve a matte surface, resulting in a higher quality protective device.
Introduction of inner nerves in larger items.
Reduction in size of the first rib for easier fitting in the tube.
'Divided rib'. The first rib was divided for easier fitting.
We added centre-placing nerves. They avoid lateral displacement of the piece.
We devised Greeps as a substitute for the old ball-and-socket joint item. With Greeps we created a two part item that does not need assembly and can be inclined as far as 15º
We devised Combigreeps (Greeps variation). A design item that allowsthe user to combine the part placed in the tube with a very little base as far as a completely overcharged base.
New 'vertical divided rib'.
We grouped together our three business centres in one large building. We moved to Abrera (Barcelona)
In order to see our items with more detail, we added 3 vision icons to our web:
- PHOTO MACHINE: increase size of items
- CINEMA CLAP: view item in rotation
- TOOLS: assembled ítem
50 years with you!
Specialized in manufacturing moulds for our customers. Parts out of catalog.
Renewal of injection machinery equipment.
We start exporting in Africa and we continue exporting in America and the rest of Europe.
We turn 60 years old. Recognition Spanish Association of Plastics Industry.
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Camí dels Sagraments, 43
Pol. Ind. Sant Ermengol II - 08630 Abrera (Barcelona)
+34 93 777 63 22
Registro Mercantil de Barcelona, Tomo 4527, Libro 3854, Sección 2, Folio 51, Hoja 50512, Inscripción 2. NIF: A 08649444